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Shining Tree International LLC provides services and products in the following areas:

Translations - We specialize in technical and medical industry translations, and have done work for companies such as 3M Company, SSRI, WWMR. All translations are done by a native speaker in the input language and cross checked by a native speaker in the output language. We do not use machine translation programs as they are not yet producing results at the desired quality level.

Cross Cultural Business Consultation - Our cross cultural business consultation utilizes the experience of both International and English natives, so the leadership and recommendations we offer have "both cultures in focus" for results. Dick Telke has over 20 years in leading international cross cultural business teams at 3M, and has also worked several years on location in Europe, so he has an excellent grasp of the keys to success in this increasingly important need in modern business activity. We can offer general orientation, specific project organization, or trouble shooting in both Asian and European business negotiations. Current clients include both US and Japanese companies.

Products - With the emergence of Asia as a high quality, and low cost supplier to the rest of the globe, we are striving to provide low cost, high quality specialty products for your use. We are authorized distributors of a line of Coreless Motors and associated electrical components used in demanding applications that require accurate response. Please examine the extensive web site of our manufacturer E-drive for details on these motors and components.

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