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Shining Tree International is an authorized distributor for USA and Japan for Coreless Motors and associated electrical components manufactured by E-Drive Systems in Beijing, China. E-Drive's manufacturing location provides lowest cost production, yet maintains the high quality level required of these specialized motors for high tech applications. We are able to provide over 40 different models in 5 different diameters. Output power ranges from 0.5 watts to 50 watts depending on the model selected. Associated components such as gear boxes, encoders, and servo drives are also available.

For an extensive review of E-Drive's capabilities, and help in selecting Coreless Motors for your project, please examine the E-Drive web site. E-Drive is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

We welcome your enquiries as to price and delivery terms. We can deliver to any USA or Japanese location via FEDEX, or other transportation method of your choice.

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